Monday, October 24, 2011


One thing I'm slowly discovering is that Connecticut is full of surprises interesting bookstores. Books in barns, books in mills, books in all sorts of unusual buildings that don't look like typical bookstores. I have yet to check out the inside of this one in Clinton. I've seen some stuff online that might indicate it's no longer open, but it looked open when I snapped this picture. It has a flag out, and the proper seasonal decorations, which are hopeful signs. So it's on my ever-growing list of bookstores to visit. (And I do NOT need more books. Well, no, I always need more books. But my apartment and especially my back, which will have to support me as I carry all the books out again whenever I finally move, do not need any more books.)

[Update: Visited. Open. Very cute. Totally recommend. It's called Bookloft.]

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