Friday, June 24, 2011

Niantic. Now, With Added Simsbury.

That should be a photo of Niantic, because that's really the place I'm trying to write about here. But it's actually Simsbury. I wanted to link to my travel piece on Niantic, which is about how to spend a day in that laid-back coastal village in East Lyme. (Short version: go to the Book Barn, then go to the beach.) But said travel piece was published in Simsbury Patch, and when I saw that I realized I'd forgotten Simsbury existed, although I've been there, and liked it. I thought I should really post something about it, because it's very pretty, and contains lots of photogenic things like that lamp-post above. There are photos of Niantic in the story though. Even if my short version was enough of a summary of the text.

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